Driven by the abundance of media used by consumers today, the manner in which products and services are bought and sold in today’s marketplace has changed dramatically.

In the past a local business could rely on single media advertising and word-of-mouth benefits to reach new customers.  Placing an ad in the local newspaper or running spots on the local radio station, and providing great customer service, got the job done.  But today’s marketplace is much more complicated and competitive.

A GE Shopper Research Study found that 81% of shoppers conduct research before they make a purchase.  Harvard Business Review adds that 73% of consumers use multiple channels to shop.  To exist within the consideration set for consumers today, local business must meet and engage with customers wherever they are on that complicated multimedia path-to-purchase.

Multimedia marketing is now a critical component to the success of local business.

Multimedia marketing is a strategy that utilizes and integrates multiple advertising mediums including digital advertising, print advertising, social media, search, re-marketing, branded content, direct mail, and television, among others.  Incorporating multiple marketing touchpoints enables a local business to fully engage with consumers all along the customer path-to-purchase and position their business for success.

Consider your own experiences.  You may be searching for the perfect gift and see an ad in a newspaper, on a newspaper website, or in your social media feed for a bicycle.

With awareness of the bicycle now established, you might begin to research your best purchase options through other media including search engines (Google), social networks (Facebook), company websites, enthusiast websites, e-commerce platforms, review and recommendation sites, and more.

As a company who sells bicycles, your best tactic for earning this sale is to engage with customers all along this journey to purchase.  By utilizing multimedia marketing you can bring awareness of your company’s products and services, position your company as the best solution for your potential client, and earn new business.

Multimedia plays a vital role in successful advertising programs today.  And although the more media used will likely increase your exposure, when making important decisions about which media to use it is important to think carefully about the best tactics to utilize, targeting them carefully, and integrating them for the best results.  Understanding your target market and their purchase patterns is critical to designing the most effective marketing program and utilizing your marketing budget most effectively.

Sentinel Solutions are experts in multimedia marketing including all the media included in a consumer’s path-to-purchase.  We can help you design a custom and integrated multimedia marketing program to support the goals of your business.

Give us a call if we can help at 603-352-5896 or e-mail to  We’re here to help you succeed.

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