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Case Studies

Dive into real-world success stories and discover how Sentinel Solution’s customized marketing solutions have helped businesses like yours thrive. Explore our case studies to see the impact of our integrated approach and data-driven strategies firsthand.

Case Study-1

An e-commerce specializing in women’s clothing was interested in running ads to drive more traffic to their website and showcase their products to potential customers.


Our team built and managed a Facebook campaign with retargeting for 1 year. Facebook quickly became the main source of website traffic for this client. We also created a Facebook funnel to retarget the people who completed an add-to-cart action and drive more purchases.

✔ Monthly Budget : $600
✔ Add to Cart : 1,330
✔ ROAS : 2.62
✔ Website Conversion Value : $7,770
✔ Purchases : 185
✔ Average CPP : $16.05

Case Study-2

A DUI lawyer wanted to get more clients and improve their online presence on Google.


Our digital advertising experts ran a Google Ads campaign with call tracking for 4 months. Our client got 220 unique phone calls with an average duration of 7 minutes. Their ads showed on top of Google for some of the keywords we targeted.

✔ Total Budget : $14,500
✔ Unique Phone Calls : 220
✔ Average Call Duration : 7 minutes
✔ Average Daily Search Impression Share : 86.01%
✔ Average CPC : $43.96
✔ CTR : 5.05%

Case Study-3

A clinic specialized in neurosurgery produced videos to educate potential customers about neuroscience and brain diseases. They sought our help of one of our partners to drive brand awareness.


Our digital advertising specialists created a YouTube campaign that ran for 6 months. We helped them achieve over 50,000 views on YouTube at a cost per view of $0.11.

✔ Monthly Budget : $1,000
✔ Views : 53,130
✔ Video View Rate : 12.55%
✔ Average CPV : $0.11

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